Fishing with the Pharaohs – The Nile Perch

Lake Nasser, May 2003. We read about Tim Baily and African Angler in a book I had gifted my husband. One night, after many whisky, we decided  to pick up the phone and call him. Thus began a friendship that has spanned over a decade and many many wonderful memories…. We landed in Cairo and took a flight to Aswan where we were met by Tim Baily and his team. From there we were driven to Aswan High Dam to Lake Nasser  where our crew awaited us to take on a week long trip of fun, friendship, fishing!

My 76 lb Nile Perch.

Darius' 91lb Perch
Darius’ 91lb Perch. His Birthday present to himself 🙂
Tiger fish 🙂
And the Puffer fish :D
And the Puffer fish 😀

Lake Nasser March 2006 066 Darius & Ambita 022 11##_C15 11##_G11 18##_C10 14##_G14 24##_C20 #9##_E09 #9##_C17 Lake Nasser March 2006 013

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