easy peasy lemon drizzly (cake)

One of my favourite cakes. Never tried it with yogurt though, shall do that now 🙂



IMG_5152The effort:payoff ratio of this cake really couldn’t be better – the only things I didn’t have on hand to whip this up in the hour before night shift were lemons (problem solved thanks to the bar across the road). My rush to bake it resulted in its arrival still warm, and its disappearance before cooling entirely. While the decoration side of things may look impressive, I simply used two different sized cake tins, placing the smaller on top after drizzling the larger, and then sprinkled a few decorations on that I thought looked pretty.

The cake recipe is a pretty standard pound cake, and can be easily divided/adjusted according to how large you want it. I usually make it in a loaf pan, however since moving house into an apartment, such a baking item has been lost in translation. It was no worse off for being in a round…

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