Oh Lyonnais! – Aux Lyonnais

Lyonnaise-style charcuterie platter

I spent many years as a child feasting in France, thanks to my father who loved his food and introduced us to it at a young age. One of my favourite memories of child hood was tentatively dipping my spoon into the hot bowl os Quenelle. First the sauce creamy with lobster and then the wonderful taste of Brandy! Ah!, it was a moment of anticipation and then pure joy.

This is what i wanted my husband to experience when I went to Aux Lyonnaise. The food was wonderful no doubt as was the atmosphere. We had two meals here and I would probably go back. However not for the famed Quenelle. I was so disappointed, I was almost in tears. Now on my quest again to find the  restaurant that will recreate this flavours from my husband as he hears me rant about the famed Quenelle and Nantua sauce 😉

There is a recipe That I think might be worth trying. If you are interested click here.

The restaurant Aux Lyonnais was created in 1890.

It served as a warehouse for coal, then wood, then wine. In 1914, the Fouet family decided to open the room on the street to showcase wines to the customers : the Bistro is born.

Daniel Violet took over the bistro after the Second World War and it soon becomes the most famous “Bouchon Lyonnais” of Paris. The authenticity of the place and the passion for the Lyonnaise cuisine and its taste soon seduced Alain Ducasse, who became the owner of the restaurant in 2002.

The bistro has retained its traditional wooden facade and its old “” sign on the front. It perpetuates the traditional atmosphere of “Bouchons”, those little bistros in Lyon.
Inside the room, you will experience a real time travel: on the buffet, the old coffee machine releases some steam and a nice smell of coffee. Behind the old wooden counter covered with zinc and tin, a few bottles wait under a continuous flow of cold water to be served.

Have a look at the la Cart Menu

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 5.18.31 pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 5.19.37 pm

A Bread Bag???!!!




Coddled eggs, white asparagus from Provence, toasted baguette


The famous quenelles, Nantua sauce



Pretty tile work adorns the Bistro. It really is charming!


‘Marjolaine’, chocolate  and praline cake


Intimate Little cornres 🙂IMG_8625


Deeeelicious!!!!!IMG_8634 IMG_8636


A wonderfully flavoured country chicken with vegetables. Way more enjoyable than the Quenelle In Natua sauce, unfortunately 😦IMG_8651

A Single portion of QuenelleIMG_8652

A vanilla souffle worth every calorie . No regrets on this oneIMG_8663

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