L’Escargot Montorgueil – Paris


L’Escargot Montorgueil
l’Escargot Montorgueil in Paris is a beautiful late 19th century snail restaurant all about snails, with its huge golden snail sign landmark. It has been serving its patrons for 200 years and  has been declared a heritage site for retaining its authentic Second Empire decor

14810728443_d20812478b_cThe lively and busy Rue Montorgueil

Tmagnifique-verandaL escargot_001his is the small outdoor seating area we first chose for our dinner. It was very pretty with the evening light and quite romantic too. however, the traffic noise  took over so we moved in indoors.

L escargot_003

In the evening light…
IMG_7205Well, semi- indoors, they have this BEAUTIFUL pergola with ferns hanging off the roof delicate lighting. This is where we ended up spending our evening.

IMG_5262Three Marrow bones served with country bread, sea salt and a light salad….

Foie Gras…


IMG_5265My main course…

tradicionall’Escargot ! The grand finalé to one of our best meals in Paris 🙂 A portion of Escargots the traditional way, with butter and garlic and A portion of Escargots with Foie Gras! AH! That was the pièce de résistance!

L escargot_Photos Elodie Dupuis_005

l-escargot-montorgueil-4The saloon area inside the resturant. With its grand beautiful staircase.


 Oh! And of course, Dessert 😉 Crème a lovely Brûlée


What a lovely evening it was. Great food, beautiful ambience, The service was very friendly and top notch! And, there really is nothing I can say about the escargot. You have to taste them to believe them, so, if in Paris, this has got to be on your list!

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